Today we continue our Christmas Celebration as our World Hope children minister through drama and music. One of the exciting things about the family of God is that WE are ALL called and chosen to minister and serve one another. Drama and music may not be a fit for you, but God has uniquely gifted you and prepared you to serve and minister within the Family and the Community.

How are you using your gifts to serve the Lord?

One of the great reminders for me during this season is that we all have something to give. We may not see it as much, but a little with the Lord is much. The little boy, in the story of the feeding of the 5,000 is a great illustration of this truth. All he had was five loaves of bread and two fish. Realize, the loaves were probably rather small and the fish were likely sardine-like in size. Regardless they were very small and insignificant when measured against the need. Apparently, the boy gave them willingly to the Lord, Jesus prayed and everyone ate their fill and then the leftovers were gathered.

We rationalize that we don’t have the talent, the time, the experience, the money, the energy, etc. But all Jesus asks is that we give Him what we have and He will do the rest.

Don’t hold back this Christmas season; when we give our life away is when we really begin to live!


Pastor Bob