As we began a new sermon series last Sunday, A Fruit-Filled Life, the first topic was Living a Life of Love. Love is the foundation for a Christlike life and a fruitful life. Without love, the Apostle Paul tells us we are no more than a “clanging cymbal.” The cymbal, when played with other musical instruments by a skilled musician, produces a beautiful sound. But when an unskilled person strikes it with a drum stick, without any other instruments being played, it can be a loud and harsh sound.

The Bible instructs us to love one another, but loving others is hard work and takes a real commitment. I think Jesus realized that although we need love, we have to work hard at being people who love others well, that is why He commanded us to love one another and those around us. Jesus was asked what is the greatest commandment, He responded, “Love the Lord with all your heart and to love your neighbor as yourself.”

If loving others was easy Jesus would not have been so firm in His directive. There is one language that breaks down every barrier, it is the language of love. Try it and watch how much more fruit-filled your life becomes and also how much more fulfilling your life will be.

With a heart full of love, 


Pastor Bob


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