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That question had to be burning in the minds of the eleven remaining disciples after Jesus’ death and resurrection. “What do we do now? The Master is gone. Do we go back to our old lives of fishing, tax collecting and scratching out a living? We walked away from everything to follow Jesus, what do we do with ourselves now.”

Often we feel the same way after a big event in our life or some major change like retirement, the birth of a child, the wedding of a child, even some holidays. We feel like we made it to this point, what is next?

For the disciples, Jesus told them to wait in Jerusalem until the Holy Spirit was poured out and they were empowered to go into all the world making disciples. That was what they were to do next, wait!

What does the Lord have next for us, for you? We have just experienced Easter, now we are moving on into the spring and then the summer months, what is next for us? We tend to jump to the next big thing on the calendar or our list of tasks and projects.

I hear the Lord saying something similar to what He told the disciples, “Wait on Me.”

During this season I would like to invite you to take some time and let’s “wait on the Lord.” Over the next several months I would like to ask you to set aside every Wednesday as a day of fasting and prayer. Whether you fast a meal, an activity or the whole day, please set aside some time each Wednesday to wait on the Lord while you seek Him. As we do so, we will experience a fresh flow of the Holy Spirit in our lives, families, church and community and an empowerment to do the work of God.



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