Walking through a couple of challenging situations with people this week, as I was praying for them, I was reminded of how vital it is for us to “continue to do the RIGHT things” in life. By “the right things” I don’t mean a check list of things that we can check off a task list and imply that we have lived a godly life. Here is what I mean:

  • Always strive to keep a right heart; a heart that is pure before the Lord, a heart that is quick to forgive – even if forgiveness is not requested, a heart that doesn’t hold grudges and has no room for resentment.
  • Always seeking the Lord, through His Word, worship and prayer.
  • Never stop hanging out with others who love Jesus; fellowship, relationship building and yes – attending “church services.” We really do need one another!
  • Not to be cliche, but doing the same kinds of things that Jesus did; asking what did Jesus do in this kind of situation?
  • Be quick to admit fault, seek forgiveness, be quick to repent – to turn from your own sin, be willing to apologize. We all blow it from time to time, own up to it, admit it, apologize for it and move on from it.

These are not in any particular order nor is it any sort of formula, but a guideline for doing the right kind of things in our life and walk with the Lord. When I come to a point in life when things seem challenging and even discouraging, I do a quick inventory and make sure that I am doing the things I ought to be doing and if I am, then I keep doing them knowing that the Lord’s grace will always be sufficient.

Blessings as you do the right things to honor God and live a life pleasing to Him!

Pastor Bob

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