This past week we experienced a lightening strike at the church affecting our internet, computers, telephone, copier and alarm system. Anything connected to the phone lines was impacted and out of service. After a host of technicians and specialists, we are pretty much back to normal operations. During the days of dealing with the issues, I was reminded of how technology dependent we have become. Technology is great and it has improved life in so many ways, you don’t realize how many until you don’t have it. It has also made life a bit more hectic at times, just ask any of our church staff. 

I was also reminded that I am to seek the Lord and His Kingdom first. When I do, God takes care of the rest. Though we may not have had internet access and the use of our computers, we still had everything that we needed. The “stuff of life” can become a distraction from our seeking the Lord and His Kingdom. 

Whatever it is, refuse to allow anything, or anyone, to distract you from seeking God first in your life. When we seek Him first life works so much better. 


Pastor Bob


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