As I write this article I am getting ready for vacation. It isn’t about where we go or what we do when we get a chance to get away. Whether it is for a week or longer, a few days or a few hours, we all need to take the time to renew and refresh. Renewal and refreshing are a part of God’s command to “remember the Sabbath, to keep it holy.”
We tend to think of the principle of the “Sabbath” as Sunday, but at the heart of God’s command it is less about a particular day of the week and more about the heart condition, the spirit and the body. We all need to take a break from the “rat race” of life, not just once or twice a year, but weekly, even daily, we need to pause, take a deep breath, quiet ourselves and rest, as well as reflect and worship the Lord.
As I prepare for our upcoming vacation (by the time you read this Shari and I will be in Colorful Colorado, taking a couple of days to ourselves before meeting up with family for the remainder of the week) my preparations include plans for time not just for rest and recreation, but time for reflection on God’s work in my life and to simply spend time with the Lord. Whether a scenic walk, a drive through a national park, or quiet times of sitting alone on the patio, I want to use this “vacation time” to seek God and to practice His commandment for rest and honoring the “Sabbath.”
I pray that you have a blessed time as you plan and prepare for your sabbath! Remember God gave it as one of His Ten Commandments, it is not optional.
Pastor Bob
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