Summer is a wonderful time of the year.  The pace of life seems to slow ever so slightly.  We are more inclined to take a few extra minutes in the summertime heat to rest, relax, recreate or just hang out with old friends and family members. As I saw my first lightning bug of the season recently, I was reminded of the necessity to take a little extra time, drink in a deep breath of air and slow down.

It is during these times of slowing down that we hear God speak, that we refocus, and experience renewal and refreshing.  We all give out endlessly and if we are not careful to replenish our reserves we find ourselves sitting on empty with nothing left to give.

So join me in taking a little time this summer to allow God to restore, refresh, renew and refocus you and your energies.  Life works much better when the tank is not empty!



Pastor Bob


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