As I have reflected quite a bit over the last two weeks while on vacation, I have been reminded on several occasions about what I want to refer to as “The hand of God.” There are times in our lives when it is very evident that the hand of God is blessing, covering and protecting our lives and when we are honest, bringing correction. 

As I look back over my years of serving the Lord, there have been times of blessing, seasons of difficulty and struggle, seasons of refreshing and seasons of drought. There have been times that God’s protection was apparent and other times His protection was taken for granted. There are times that God has had my back when I didn’t realize that I needed anything special. 

On our way home from the Charlotte airport, as we were returning from our trip to Colorado, it was apparent that God’s protective hand was upon our lives. It was late, about 11 pm as we began the last leg of our journey home, our flight had been delayed in Denver due to some severe weather. We saw first hand the hail and then very heavy rains as we drove to the airport knowing that God had given us a safe trip, even through the turbulent plane ride home. As the traffic light turned green for us to make a left turn, I started into the intersection and stopped. I hadn’t seen anything unusual take place and didn’t realize that I had stopped, when a big black car comes flying thorough the intersection, running the red light. If we had not hesitated, it had the potential to have been a nasty crash. As I have replayed the scenario in my mind, the only explanation I can give is that the Holy Spirit stopped my car; I was tired and anxious to get home. It had been a long and tiring day and I was ready to be done with traveling. 

Stop and give God thanks for His hand of protection, provision and even correction. Without Him life just doesn’t make sense.

I am glad to be back and looking forward to all that God has for us, and experiencing His hand on our lives.

Pastor Bob


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