This week while reading from 1 Chronicles chapter 14, in my Daily Bible Reading Plan, I ran across the story of David’s first battle after becoming the King of Israel. The Philistines, the nation that produced Goliath, that had killed King Saul and his sons in battle and with whom David and his men had found refuge from an angry King Saul, had come to attack the new king and the Israelites. King David prayed and asked God if they should fight and God said yes and promised to give them over to David and his army.

We are told that King David and his troops defeated the Philistines at Baal-perazim. There the Philistines left their idols and David had them burned. He would exclaim after their decisive victory, “God did it!” David was a warrior and was well aware of his strength and ability, but he knew it was God who won the victory for the people of God. 

Whatever battle you are faced with today, seek God’s wisdom, do what He tells you to do and then understand that God is the One who gives the victory and like David you can exclaim, “GOD DID IT!”

He did it for David and He will do it for you!


Pastor Bob


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