The psalmist writes in Psalm 118:24, “This is the day the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it.”

We used to sing that as a chorus in church many years ago, in fact many churches sang it every Sunday until we kind of wore it out. But the truth remains relevant today. Every day is a gift from God, a day that He has made for you and me.. Rather than complain about it being Monday, or “hanging in there for the weekend,” we are to rejoice and be glad for each day and the life that God has given to us. There will always be the days that we “feel” like rejoicing and those that we just don’t “feel it.” Those off days are the ones that we need to purposefully and intentionally make it a point to praise and thank God for the blessing of the day and the life to live it to the fullest.

I have come to believe and understand that God has prepared each day for me and He has also prepared me for each day. So whether it be Monday, Friday, Sunday or any other day, I want to be glad and full of rejoicing for the opportunity to serve God and those He has placed in my life.

Blessings as you rejoice in this day that God has made!

Pastor Bob

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