When I was a child visiting my grandparents, in the small South Carolina town of Clover, one of the “exciting” things that we got to do was take a walk around the block. It was a big deal in this little town and it was a pretty short walk. They lived in housing authority apartments and everyone knew one another, so as you walked the block you passed others either walking the block or sitting on their porches waving at those that passed by. Yeah, I know, exciting childhood memories.  

Recently, I heard a quote about being a follower of Jesus. The person speaking said that he preferred the word “follower” to Christian or disciple, because to be a follower implies that you are going somewhere as you follow, in our case, Jesus. Following Jesus is about more than taking a casual walk around the block. Even though I may have thought I was going someplace when I received permission to go on the walk around the block, I wasn’t going anywhere, I always ended up back at my grandparents’ apartment on Flat Rock Street, even though I walked on three other streets, I didn’t go anywhere.

Where are you going as you follow Jesus? Are you following Him on an adventurous journey or are you just casually strolling around the same old block again and again? Just something to think about.


Pastor Bob


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