I shared a message Wednesday night that I called, Living a God Centered Life. It was based on an Old Testament story from  the Book of Isaiah, chapter 7. In the historical record, Judah and Jerusalem were attacked by an enemy nation, they won the battle, now the enemy is preparing for a second attack. King Ahaz is out checking on the city’s water supply to make sure they have enough water to withstand the coming enemy attack. God sends the Prophet Isaiah with a “word from the Lord,” for the king and his people. He assures them that He will protect them and the enemy plans will be disrupted. 

Here are the four things the Lord speaks to His people and I think to us today: “Take heed” – listen up, be careful; “Keep calm” – don’t stress, don’t worry; “Don’t be afraid” – fear is a failure to trust God; “Don’t lose heart” – don’t give up, keep doing the right things, the God things. 

God gave a promise to His people of all generations, “You can trust Me.” “I have got this!” “Relax and let me take care of this situation for you.” He would go on to tell the king that in the years to come the enemy would be destroyed and then even farther into the future He gives the promise of the Messiah, Jesus Christ. 

Today the Lord would have you know that if you be careful, keep calm, don’t be afraid and don’t lose heart, He has the situations of your life under control and  He is looking out for you!


Pastor Bob


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