Storms, whatever they are called have several things in common:
  • They are not convenient
  • They can be life altering
  • They can be frightening
  • They can be difficult
  • Some of them can be avoided, others have to be gone through
  • They provide opportunity for growth and strengthening 
As our news feeds have been filled this week with Hurricane Florence, and other storms in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, we have been reminded of the impact of storms in our lives. I have friends who had to cut vacations short as they received evacuation orders, others who had to postpone a wedding along the coast, others who had vacations cancelled due to Florence. I have received numerous calls, texts and messages from friends in far away places expressing their concern and offering prayers for our safety. It has been an interesting weekend so far due to the storm.
There are many storms in life and they are not all hurricanes. the storms of life come in many shapes, sizes and intensities. But with the Lord in the storm with us we can weather it. As we weather the storms of life we learn, grow and get stronger along the way. Sometimes the Lord calms the storm, other times He calms us as we go through them. But through them all, the Lord is with us.
As we weather Hurricane Florence we also pray for those that have experienced the devastation of the storm so far and we pray for those that remain in the storms path, we also pray for those who work tirelessly to keep us all safe and restore our utilities so that we can live our comfortable lives.
Blessings as we weather the storms of life together!
Pastor Bob
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