As we were reminded this past weekend, there are storms in life. I have heard meteorologists, weather experts, say that hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones (all the same type of storm but given different names in different parts of the world) serve to cool the earth’s surface and are a natural element of our climate. I am not getting into the “climate change debate” simply sharing an observation of life in this world. Our world will continue to have storms, some severe and catastrophic, others minor and more of an inconvenience, but God can and will see us through every storm.

Likewise, we will experience stormy times in our lives. There are times that God will calm the storm, like Jesus did when He was on the Sea of Galilee with the disciples. Other times God will see us through the storm, like He did with the Apostle Paul in the Book of Acts. Either way the storm is an opportunity to trust the Lord and to grow stronger and deeper in our walk with the Lord.

In recent weeks Shari and I have had two different friends to share with us that they have received a diagnosis of cancer from their doctors. Both have been faithfully serving the Lord for many years and in addition to being good friends, they are good people. The storm winds are raging around them, but they have put their confidence in Jesus, the Master of the storm, knowing that He will see them through to the other side. The journey may not be easy, but they are keeping their trust in the Lord. So are we.

Whatever the storm clouds are that gather in your life, keep your eyes on Jesus. Things may get worse before they get better, but He is still the Lord of All!

Pastor Bob

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