I am a bit of a weather buff and The Weather Channel app is one of my most used phone apps. This week, on Thursday, I opened my favorite weather app and guess what? They have completely changed it. It looks nothing like it did just a day ago. I have to admit, I don’t like it and could not believe that they changed it. But then I got to thinking about it and realized it belongs to the Weather Channel and they can change it if they want too. Secondly, I remembered that it is free and didn’t cost me anything to use it all this time. The third thing I realize is that I just need to get over it and accept the change or quit using the app.

There are times that I have no control over what others do and how life changes, and I just have to accept the change or stop using  the product. But there are other changes in life that we are expected to accept and “go with the flow.” We cannot do that if the change is contrary to God’s Word, standards and commandments. God doesn’t change, neither does His Word or His expectations of those who follow Him.

My prayer today is for God to give each of us the wisdom to discern the difference between those changes that I need to accept and those things that my acceptance of would require my compromise on God’s standard of righteousness.


Pastor Bob

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