This past week I aerated and sowed new grass seed in my lawn. It is an annual fall ritual for many of us here in this part of the country. The aeration plugs holes in the soil, loosening it and braking up the hard surface of the soil so that the seed can get beneath the surface and germinate, growing roots into the soil and the green leafy shoots that make up our lawn above the soil.

As I sowed the grass seed, I realized that every seed will not germinate. Some will be eaten by the birds. Some landed on the sidewalk or edge of the road, others found their way onto hard, dry soil and if they do mange to survive, they will find it difficult to thrive. But many of the seed end up in a hole from the aeration, or in moist soil and in a week or two will germinate and begin to grow. 

As I sowed the seed I realized that only grass is going to be produced. There will be no apple trees, tomato plants or watermelon vines sprouting from those small holes all over my yard.

I have been reminded of the words from the Bible as I wait for the seed to grow and create a greener thicker lawn. I paraphrase, “What you sow is what you reap,” and Jesus’ parable of the sower and the seed with His description of the various soil conditions and the results of the sowing were just two of the passages of Scripture that came to mind.

What kind of seed are you sowing and what are the soil conditions? You are responsible for sowing the seed, and to some degree preparing the soil, but it is God and God alone that makes the seed grow and produce the desired harvest. 

As we enter the “harvest season” may we reap of the blessings we have sown, while we continue to sow for an ever greater harvest in the future.

Pastor Bob


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