Today as we gather, my prayer is that every heart will be touched by the love of God and the love of those that we spend time with this morning. Each of us has something to share; we share our worship with God; we share our fellowship with one another and we share our hearts as we pray with and for each other. We all have much to offer and as we give of ourselves the Lord will bless us and give us the mercy and grace that we need from Him.
If you are a first time guest, or if you have worshipped with us before and haven’t completed one of our Connect Cards, I would like to ask you fill one out and drop it in the offering when it is received. Or if you prefer you can text the word “Welcome” to 704-251-6333 and provide the information there. We are glad that you have chosen to worship at World Hope today.
Many blessings!
Pastor Bob
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