Earlier this week I read something very challenging. A pastor that I follow on social media shared something that he had read from a twelfth century church leader. The message that I received was this, “it is easier to pursue a life of busyness than it is to cultivate a deep relationship with Jesus Christ.”
I have wrestled with that this past week. I don’t want to spend my life simply being busy doing what I perceive, or what others perceive as ministry, or my job. I want to spend my life developing and cultivating a growing and deepening relationship with the Lord.
So often we equate busyness in life with fruitfulness and impact, especially when it comes to matters of our spiritual lives. If I read my Bible everyday, make it to church most Sundays, give my offering and maybe help someone in need, we believe that we are living a productive life. But what if God wants more from us? What if instead of us doing things for God, we focused our hearts and spirits on knowing God and growing closer to Him?
Busyness can be the enemy of intimacy in every area of life, especially in our spiritual lives. Here is what I am focused on working on as result of being challenged, rather than finding more things to do, I am evaluating what I do and why I do it, checking my heart’s motivation. If I am doing things that keep me from growing in my walk with Jesus I am going  to try to remove my focus from those things and prioritize those things that help me draw closer to Jesus. If there are things that draw me away from the Lord, I will seek to eliminate those things from my life.
If the choice is busyness versus intimacy in my service to the Lord, I will choose intimacy. My life and the lives of others may depend on my choice and how I live my life.
Pastor Bob
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