As we head to the upcoming election day, be sure to pray and to vote! Many “experts” tell us that this may be the most important “mid-term” election ever. Every election is important as God’s Word tells us that “promotion comes from the Lord” (Psalm 75:6-8.) God is the one who gives rise to leadership and in our structure He uses your vote and mine to raise those leaders up. Your prayer and your vote are vital to the process of choosing our national, regional and local governmental authorities.
Take the time to do your research, see what the candidates stand for and believe in and how they live their lives. If you need help ask a friend and most importantly ask the Lord to guide your decision making as well as other voters. Then we pray for those that rise to the roles they are chosen for, whether we voted for them or not.
Join us on Sunday mornings from 9-9:45 in the prayer room as we pray and seek God for His blessing and direction for our nation and our leaders as election day (November 6) approaches.
Pastor Bob
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