Today, and every day, as you live and especially as we gather for our Sunday worship celebration ask the Lord to give you an expectant heart. I think one of the most overlooked ingredients in our lives is EXPECTATION. We get into a routine in which we are content to expect “the sale old same old.” We live our lives in a rut and we fail to expect God to do the things He has promised to do in our lives.
Expect God to move in your life. Expect God’s blessings for your family. Expect God to move as we gather for worship on Sunday mornings. Expect God to answer your prayers in miraculous and supernatural ways. Expect your unsaved loved ones to come to know Jesus as their Savior. Expectation is the key to seeing God move and work in our lives.
What are you asking God for? Wat are you expecting Him to do in your life? What are you expecting to experience when you gather for church Sunday morning?
Have an expectant heart and watch God work!
Pastor Bob
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