This week I was asked what I thought it meant “to grow spiritually?” As I answered the question and have taken more time to think about it and even to discuss it with a few other people, I decided to write about it today. So here goes, my definition of what it means to grow spiritually. 
     I liken our spiritual growth to physical growth, while we reach a point when we no longer grow physically, we should always continue to grow spiritually. As in physical growth there is a noticeable change. All we have to do is see a child or teen that we haven’t seen for a while and see how they have changed. Spiritual growth means that we are not staying the same, that we are changing. We measure physical growth primarily by height (length at birth) and weight, we measure spiritual growth by how much we look like Jesus Christ.
     Our tendency is to measure our growth by how much we do for God, our church attendance, reading our Bibles, praying, etc. Or by those things that we don’t do, sinful behavior, or things we have been taught that Christians should not do. Our spiritual growth is more accurately represented by our actions, attitudes, motives and the fruit being produced in and through our lives, how much we reflect Jesus to the world around us. Our busy-ness, though often hard to avoid, many times hinders our spiritual growth.
     The bottom line to spiritual growth, am I looking more like Jesus today than I did yesterday? 
Blessings as we continue to grow together!
Pastor Bob
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