This week as we celebrated Thanksgiving, in many different ways and many different places, not only was I reminded about so many blessings in my life that I have to be thankful for, I also thought about the many ways we celebrate Thanksgiving. While it is primarily considered an American Holiday, the practice of giving thanks is very much a biblical directive and its practice is encouraged throughout the Bible. We have much to thank God for, but we also have many people in our lives that would be encouraged as we remember to thank them for their investment into our lives.
As I have reflected on the blessings in my life, I have so much to thank my wife for. Shari has been by my side through good times and some not so good, we have raised two sons together  and now enjoy the blessings of being grandparents. She has always made our house a home and has worked tirelessly in so many ways to help make our lives special and memorable. Of course I appreciate the men my sons have become as well as my parents and other family members, friends and mentors in my life. I am thankful for grandparents who opened their home to my father and my siblings when he and my mother divorced. Though as a child and teen I took them for granted, they could have said no to my dad when we showed up at their door. They had raised their four children and deserved rest and relaxation in their later years,  but they didn’t. They opened their hearts and their homes and helped raise three of their twelve grandchildren over the next fourteen years.
What about you, who has made your life special? Take a moment as we wrap up this Thanksgiving weekend to thank them, even if they are no longer around. It will do your heart good.
Pastor Bob
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