Today is one of our most exciting Sunday mornings of the year as our children will be ministering to us through drama and music as they share “The Christmas Express.” There are many things that make this day exciting, one is the adrenaline and a little nervousness of the children as they share with their family and friends from the stage. It is also an exciting time as we all come together to support and encourage them. We love our children and are proud of them!
This week as the snow came and as it now melts, we have gone from a landscape that was completely white to one that is showing a lot of the dirt and debris that was once covered by  the snow. As I drove through town this week and observed the piles of dirty snow and ice that had been removed from roads and parking lots, I thought about how the snow had covered all the “ugliness” of the winter landscape. Leaves, limbs, trash and debris that was once visible had been covered by a blanket of clean, white snow.
I am thankful that the Lord, through His love and grace, takes the dirt of my life and instead of covering it up and making it look pretty, He forgives me and cleanses my heart making it “whiter than snow” (Psalm 51:7.)
Be blessed as you enjoy the ministry of the children of World Hope and the work of the Holy Spirit in your heart today.
Pastor Bob
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