As I think about the Christmas season and the birth of Jesus, who came as the Savior of the world, I think about the hope and light that He brought into a dark and hopeless world.
As we approach December 25th, the day that we celebrate Christmas, the days get increasingly shorter as the sun moves further sough in the rotation of the earth. While in the earth’s southern hemisphere the days are getting longer, our days grow increasingly darker, until just a few days before Christmas when the sun begins to reverse its direction.
In the spiritual realm, the world was filled with darkness. There had been no recorded prophetic messages from God to His people. The people of God had grown complacent and lethargic in the traditions and rituals of their worship. Then in “the fullness of time” God sent His Son, Jesus Christ as the light of the world and the hope for the hopeless.
Our world needs a fresh dose of hope, not the hope we provide, but the hope that we can only find in Jesus. So as you celebrate the arrival of the Messiah, receive the hope that you need for today and the hope that those in your world need. You are their Messenger of Hope!
Pastor Bob
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