As we conclude our 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting (on January 21) I trust that you have experienced a fresh touch of God’s grace in your life. We have not been on a “diet” or some kind of  “New Year’s Resolution,” but a quest to know God and to realign our lives with Him. Fasting opens a door for a dimension of God’s blessings in our lives that we only experience when we “deny ourselves.” For me this season of fasting has not only helped to draw me closer to the Lord, but it has helped to re-establish some priorities in my life that I had allowed to slip. My resolve and self-discipline have been strengthened as I placed an emphasis on things other than food.
As you conclude your fast this week ask the Lord to help you maintain discipline and focus in your life. But also understand that God has done a unique work in your heart; celebrate it, guard it and live out the changes that have taken place in you. Fasting is about so much more than doing without, it is a new way of living. Ask the Lord to help you live out the new things He has done in your life during this season.
God has many exciting opportunities and challenges ahead for us. I look forward to the chance to experience them with you.
Pastor Bob
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