In my daily Bible reading plan in January, I have been reading Luke’s Gospel account of the life and ministry of Jesus. You have  heard me say many times, “Jesus never left people the same way He found them.” He healed the sick, interrupted funerals to raise the dead, He forgave the repentant sinner and challenged the arrogance and pride of the religious leaders; He never left anyone the same, their life was changed by their encounter with the Lord.

Still today, Jesus never leaves us the way He finds us. Our challenge is to have an open heart to encounter His presence through the Holy Spirit. We get busy and hurried, we may become calloused and hardened, or we may just be skeptical about the whole spiritual experience. Whatever is keeping you from experiencing a fresh touch from the Lord, will you just lay it aside and humbly ask the Lord to touch your life with His grace and His power?

If you need a healing, go to Jesus. If you need forgiveness, go to Jesus. If you need a broken relationship healed, go to Jesus. If you need strength and encouragement, go to Jesus. It may sound trite and trivial, but Jesus has all that you need, go to Him, encounter Him and watch Him change your life.


Pastor Bob

Emotionally Healthy Discipleship Schedule:

Session 1 – Sunday, January 27, 6:30PM

Session 2 – Wednesday, January 30, 6:30PM

Session 2 – Sunday, February 3, 6:30PM

Session 3 – Wednesday, February 6, 6:30PM

Session 3 – Sunday, February 10, 6:30PM

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