Today we are talking about letting go of control, in our sermon series “Traveling Light.” The older I get the more I realize that I cannot control what happens in my life, but as we talked last week I can choose how I respond to those things that do happen. I cannot control many things but I can control my attitude and I get to choose my response. I also get  to choose, as we will talk today, whether or not I will surrender my will to the will of God.

God has such an incredible and amazing life for us as we travel through this world and life, we cannot afford to allow ourselves to be held back and weighed down by “stuff” that really doesn’t matter, especially not in the light of eternity. God is good and our life and calling are too important to get sidetracked by the trappings of this world and our desires to be in charge or to control. Letting go of control is all about surrendering our lives to God. It sounds so much easier than it really is. But we can do it!


Pastor Bob


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