Today we will be talking about dealing with distractions as we continue our Traveling Light series. We live in a very distracted and very distracting world. There are more sounds, sights and  things that stimulate us than ever before. I was talking with a pastor friend recently who had just went with a group of pastors on a three day prayer retreat, in the middle of no where. No cell phone service, no internet access, nothing. That would make most of us cringe and vow to  stay home. We have become so accustomed to  the distractions of life that we simply accept them as a normal and routine part of our lives.

But, what if those distractions are keeping us from the life that God has intended for us to live? What if those distractions prevent us from hearing the still, small voice of God? What if those distractions drown out the message that our Heavenly Father is trying to communicate to us?

What distractions do you need to remove from your life? Which have you accepted as being a necessary part of life and you feel that you cannot live without? Just take a break, pause and think about it, then do something about it, let go of your distractions.


Pastor Bob


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