Welcome to World Hope Worship Center! I am glad that you have chosen to worship with us this morning. I hope and pray that you feel welcomed and at home as we experience God’s touch in our hearts and lives today. If you are a first time guest we welcome you and would ask that you complete one of our Connect Cards located in the seat pocket on the chair in front of you and then drop it in the offering when it is received during the service.

As we changed our clocks this morning to begin Daylight Savings Time it is always a time of mixed feelings for me; though I appreciate the addition of the daylight later in the day, it takes a few days for my body to adjust to the time change. We can do things like this and give the illusion that we have more daylight, but in reality all we did was move the hands of our clocks forward an hour and changed the time, we aren’t lengthening the day nor saving daylight. God establishes the time the sun sets and rises each day, He establishes the seasons, and all that goes on in the world around us.

Often we (human beings) attempt to take control of what belongs to God and change it to fit our desires and expectations giving us a sense that we are in control. We can no more lengthen a day that we can lengthen our lives. God’s Word tells us that there is a season, a time for all things. God established the day  as 24 hours long and tells the sun when to rise and when to set.

Over the coming days as you “adjust to the time change” consider surrendering to God those things that belong to Him and trust Him to take care of you and provide for all that you have need of.


Pastor Bob

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