I hear or read quotes from time to time that are very meaningful to me and I try to keep them recorded in a safe and convenient way to refer to in the future. One of the quotes that has been meaningful of late is “miracles happen in the course of obedience.” It was a quote shared by Pastor Wayne Cordeiro from Hawaii. Several times in recent weeks I have ran across scripture that reminds me that God is more interested in my obedience than my sacrifice, my worship, or my religious practices.

We all desire to experience miracles in our lives and I believe they do happen, often more frequently than we realize. The miracles that often happen and we miss are the ones that take place during the course of daily life, the ones that happen as we obey God. The Lord speaks to our hearts with direction, instruction, correction or affirmation and then He provides the resources to accomplish what He leads us to do. Whether it is strength, courage, wisdom, resources or faith, God provides  miracle to help us accomplish what He has placed on our heart.

Miracles of healing, deliverance or unexpected provision may be the ones that get our attention, but there are many less notable and less noticed miracles that take place every day as we simply act in obedience to God and His Word. Be on the lookout for those miracles and then be quick to give God praise and thanks for each and every one of them.

Expecting the miraculous,

 Pastor Bob

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