Last Sunday, Easter Sunday, over 350 people were killed and over 500 were injured in bombings in Sri Lanka, an island nation located just off the southern tip of India. The bombings are thought to have been carried out by seven suicide bombers as they targeted three Christian churches and three hotels. People who thought they were in safe places, a church, a hotel or a restaurant had their world literally shattered by violence and blood shed caused by the blast of a bomb.

We have an enemy and he has a name, Satan. He is out to confuse, disrupt, divide and destroy human life in any way he can. As followers of Jesus Christ we have a responsibility to pray, make a stand for righteousness and refuse to be intimidated by any enemy, seen or unseen. As we pray we not only need to pray for healing, safety and peace, we also need to pray for discernment as we seek to navigate challenges that we have never faced before. Often when tragedies such as these strike we think, “that will never happen here.” That is the kind of thinking that allows us to slip into complacency and apathy. As scripture encourages and directs, we need to be ready to stand firm, be vigilant and be on guard against any and all attacks of the enemy.

As you pray, please remember those that lost loved ones, for the injured, for the emergency workers who have had to see and then live with the loss of life and the suffering they witnessed first hand. Pray for the government and leadership in Sri Lanka, that they would fully investigate the crimes and that all involved would be found and arrested, and pray for God’s protection against further attacks. Also pray for this world we live in, for God’s peace to cover the earth as He brings healing and unity to hurting people.

Finally, don’t take the freedom we have to gather and worship God as we choose for granted.

Pastor Bob

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