I had the opportunity to encourage someone this week in their relationship and walk with the Lord. As we talked I couldn’t help but  think about this journey we are on as we follow Jesus. Anytime that I have been to a place that I have never been before I love to see the “new sites.” I have had the opportunity to visit much of our nation and a couple of foreign countries and I have never been any place that didn’t hold it’s own beauty. Some places, such as the panhandle of Texas and the Dead Sea Region of Israel, you had to look a little harder to find the beauty, but it was there. Each step of the journey held a new discovery and sometimes a new challenge.

Our life is a journey, it is not just about getting to the destination, but what we get to experience along the way. The destination will be great, more than we can ever imagine, but don’t miss out on the journey. Keep putting one foot in front of the other, continue to move forward and enjoy the trip with the Lord, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit as your travel planner and tour guide.


Pastor Bob

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