Good morning and welcome to World Hope Worship Center! My prayer today is that each of our hearts and lives will be touched by the Holy Spirit as we worship the Lord, pray with one another, fellowship together and share God’s Word, each of us receiving exactly what we need from the Lord.

The month of May is a busy time; spring transitioning to summer, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day, graduations from pre-school, kindergarten, college and very soon the high schools, the first vacations for many people, and so much more. At the heart of it all is the changing of a season. Whether it is the climatological season, the season of a child transitioning a stage of life or the changing of a spiritual season, change is taking place all around us. Some change is exciting and other changes are terrifying, but change is inevitable. For many of us we would be happy if things were just left as they were.

When I worked in the grocery store the people in charge of merchandising were always changing things around; from time to time they would do a “reset” of a department and sometimes the entire store. They would move the peanut butter and jelly from aisle three to aisle eight and then everyone would have to search for it. The marketing theory was that as the shopper searched for the new location of the peanut butter and jelly they would buy more stuff. I don’t know if that works for every shopper, but the change was an inconvenience for the shopper and the store employees.

There are times that I sense a changing of the spiritual seasons and there are times that I pray for the Lord to change the season that I find myself in. I desire God’s timing in the changes that I face rather than my timing and His will rather than my own. His ways are higher than my ways. As I survey the world all around us, I pray for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit in each of our lives, over our church and community, our nation and world. I pray for the Holy Spirit to usher in a season of Holy Spirit anointed and directed change.


Pastor Bob

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