This week I found myself thinking about the unexpected challenges and blessings that we experience in life. We can do all that we possibly can to prepare for life but there are times when the unexpected happens. I was reminded of this truth last week when I saw a friend’s social media post following the storms of last Friday. They had a large tree fall on their home, thankfully everyone was safe, but the damage was major and unexpected. Sometimes storms blow up in life with little to no warning and catch us off guard.

Other times in life we experience unexpected blessings. Whether it is the proverbial “check in the mail,” someone paying for our meal, or an unexpected visit from a friend or family member, the blessing is real and our hearts and lives are touched.

The unexpected happens, we can do all that we can to  prepare, then we depend on God’s grace and protection to see us through. When the unexpected blessings come your way, enjoy them and be sure to give God thanks  and praise for them. Remember, we serve a great and mighty God who never sleeps, takes a vacation or is caught off guard. He is the God of the unexpected!


Pastor Bob

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