Nothing makes it clear that summer is here like the thermometer, and it has let us know that summer has arrived, even if it is a few weeks early according to the calendar. With summer comes vacations, travel to see family and friends, late night baseball games, cookouts, mosquitoes, fireflies (lightening bugs for all of us southerners) and so much more. Summertime is referred to as “The Summer Slump” by many in church leadership. Rather than a slump I like to think of summer as a season of refreshing, rest, refocusing and recreation. It is a season when we do things that we would not do during any other season of the year.

I pray for you to have a safe summer as you travel and participate in summer time activities. I also pray that this summer will be a season of renewal, refreshing and revival in your life, my life and the life of our church. My prayer is that this summer of 2019 would be the best we have ever experienced, and that it will also be a season of God anointed and God appointed revival. Will you pray and believe with me?


Pastor Bob


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