I guess I have summer on my mind this week. I have been thinking about vacation, summer activities, baseball, watermelon, lightening bugs, thunderstorms, late evenings spent outside and so many more summer time activities.

In the midst of your summer activities be mindful of your and your family’s relationship with God. Though we may need a vacation from time to time, God doesn’t and He is always just a prayer away and is constantly watching over you and your family. Also please be mindful of your church family and those that God has placed in your life. Pray for them, call them, drop them a note or a card in the mail, send them a text message and remind them that they are loved, thought of and important.

Lastly, remember it is okay to take a summer break, slow down a little bit, get some extra rest and enjoy the season, but don’t forget about God and your relationship with Him. You need to be refreshed in your spiritual life every bit as much, or even more so than in your physical being; pray, read your Bible, attend church worship services, fellowship with other Christians. Enjoy the summer and grow through the season, even as you rest and are renewed.

Pastor Bob

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