Recently in my daily Bible reading, I read the account of Solomon, King David’s son becoming king over Israel and his building of the Temple in Jerusalem. It was an incredible structure and would become the center of Israel’s worship of Jehovah for several generations. With the completion of the Temple came a grand celebration and dedication of the structure accompanied by the miraculous. At one point the Scriptures tell us that “fire came down from heaven and consumed the sacrifices.” There is also the account of God’s presence filling the Temple in such a powerful way that the priest “could not perform their duties.”

God established an expectation for King Solomon and the people of Israel, they were to service Him and reject the false gods of the nations around them. God promised that if they would be obedient to Him that He would bless them and prosper them. But, if they failed to serve Him faithfully they would be punished and eventually removed from the land.

Wouldn’t you know it, it wasn’t long before Solomon’s heart had been turned away from God and onto the idols worshiped by those around him and the nation of Israel would follow. It would take a few hundred years for it to happen, but eventually God would use invading armies to carry the people of Israel away into exile as punishment for their disobedience, destroying Jerusalem and the beautiful Temple..

God still calls His people to worship Him and Him alone; to flee even the appearance of sin, and to avoid the idols of our world. Like Solomon and the ancient Israelites we have a tendency to drift away from God and if we are not careful, lured into the worship of idols and false gods of our world..

Think about it! Blessings!
Pastor Bob

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