As I process the many demands of life today and see some of the need in the world around us, I realize more deeply the need to come to Jesus and  to drink of the living waters that He offers. Jesus invites us all to come to Him, and He will give us rest, refreshing and renewal. 

As we are now in the middle of our North Carolina summer we are often reminded to “rehydrate.” In the heat and humidity of our Carolina summer it is important for our bodies that we take in plenty of beneficial liquids. We may take care of our body but neglect our spirit being. Our spirits need to come and drink of the fountain that Jesus offers His followers. It is there that our spirits are “rehydrated,” refreshed and renewed for the journey ahead.

There are several ways that we “rehydrate” spiritually, here are a  few: worship – both personally and corporately with our church family, reading our Bibles, prayer, fellowship, serving others, church attendance, there are many others, but this is a good start.

Our bodies can become dehydrated and need medical care if we are not careful. Our spirits can also become dehydrated and need a special touch from God to be restored. So stay hydrated, both physically and spiritually, it is vital!


Pastor Bob

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