Hello and welcome to World Hope Worship Center! It is a joy to worship the Lord with you today! I pray that each of our lives will be touched and impacted by the Holy Spirit today as we worship, fellowship and share God’s Word together.

Friday night we held a special Worship and Prayer service. I planned the service in response to something the Lord had placed on my heart, a call to prayer. This morning I will be sharing about “The Path of Prayer” and the vital necessity for us to use the power God has given us through the power of praying.

In the coming months we will be emphasizing the importance of us praying as a church family. As part of that emphasis we will be designating the first Wednesday of each month as a day of prayer and fasting at World Hope. Will you plan to join me Wednesday, August 7 for our first monthly day of prayer and fasting? You can use the prayer guides in our bulletin today as a guide to direct your prayer and if you cannot fast the entire day, maybe you can fast a meal, caffeine, sugar or something else to focus your attention on the Lord and our call to prayer.

As we see in the Bible, God hears our prayers and responds to them. Because we pray, I believe God will do an incredible work in our lives, our families, our church, our community, our state, our nation and our world.


Pastor Bob

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