There are a lot of things going on over recent days, some wonderful and exciting, some quite challenging: school has started again for many area students, we have two World Hope missionaries ministering in Jamaica, we have several of our World Hope family members being baptized today, we have several family members healing from various surgeries, injuries and illnesses, Wednesday was our monthly day of prayer and fasting and we “re-started” Wednesday night activities, there are many concerns to pray about in our community, nation and world, there is the routine busy-ness of life and all of its demands. But through it all, the good and the bad, Jesus is Lord and He is in control, even when everything seems out of control.

You can add to the list of things happening in your life and world and you may be feeling that life is spinning out of control, or you may be a picture of peace and calm, but realize this truth, God is at work in your life. He is at work at World Hope Worship Center. He is at work in Salisbury, Rowan County and the state of North Carolina. God is at work in our nation and all over the earth. But the enemy is at work too, seeking to steal, kill and destroy. We stand strong in our faith, loving God with all of our hearts and loving those that He has graciously placed in our lives as we share the hope of Jesus in a world that is desperate for His good news.

I am reminded of an old chorus we used to sing in church, “Our God Reigns.” Some days I just need to be reminded and I suspect that you need to be reminded too.

I am thankful that our God does truly reign!

Pastor Bob


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