This week as our newsfeeds have been filled with the forecast of Hurricane Dorian we are reminded of the “storms of life.” As long as we live in this world in its current state, there will be storms. Hurricanes, thunderstorms, winter storms, sickness, injury, the loss of a loved one, etc. will come and at times impact our lives directly, other times their impact may be less direct. Regardless of the storms impact there are a few lessons to learn from the storm:

Always be prepared for a storm. We never know when we might be impacted by a storm, so be ready. Pray, prepare your heart, determine ahead of time how you will live when the storm strikes, prepare your heart.

You cannot change the storm, but God can use the storm to change you.

Some storms may be orchestrated by God (see Jonah 1) others are a naturally occurring part of the world we live in (see Acts 27). Regardless, God will be with us through the storm.

Some times God calms the storm, other times He gives His people the grace to weather the storm.

The storm will end and the sun will shine again. Things may have changed, but so have you.

The media focus may be on a hurricane named Dorian, but our focus is on the Lord. He is with you in the storm as it rages around you and He will be with you when the storm has ended.


Pastor Bob

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