Hello and welcome to World Hope Worship Center! Today as we gather to worship the Lord, share His Word, spend time together in fellowship and pray for one another my prayer is that each of us experience the HOPE that is found only in Jesus Christ and serving Him as our Lord and Savior.

We are in the middle of a five week sermon series, “Jonah: Avoiding God.” A strong emphasis in the ancient story is Jonah’s disobedience, God’s intervention and gift of a second chance for the reluctant prophet; followed by Jonah’s obedience to God’s call and how that obedience opened the door for the miraculous work of God in his life and the lives of an entire nation. When you and I obey God, our obedience opens the doorway for miracles to take place.

We have a tendency to hope for a miracle, pray for a miracle, even believe for a miracle, but all to often we are reluctant, like Jonah, to do what God asks of us, we attempt to avoid God and miss out on the miracles that can happen in our lives and the lives of others. Time and time again we see miracles happen in the Bible as God’s people simply and completely obeyed Him. Unfortunately there is also ample evidence and examples that disobedience often resulted in failure, disappointment and even God’s judgment.

The challenge is simple, obey God and watch Him fulfill His promises and exceed your expectations and dreams. You can see what happened in Jonah’s life by reading the short book named after him in the Bible and I will be sharing about it in the sermon today.

Experience the blessings and miracles of obedience!

Pastor Bob 


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