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This past Wednesday night, in our Bible study, I was sharing from Psalm 31, specifically verse three, where David, praying to God said, “For You are my rock and my fortress…” I find it intriguing that David is not asking God to be his rock and fortress during the turmoil that he is going through. He realizes that God already is his rock and fortress and he is declaring this truth as he calls out to God in prayer.

Many times we wait until we need a rock or a fortress to ask God to be that force in our lives, but David had already established his life with God as that strong and stable place to run to during his time of weakness and need. David was asking God to act, asking God to manifest what He already was, his rock and fortress.

God doesn’t become our rock when we need Him to be that rock, He already is the rock, the place of safety where we can find safe refuge during our time of need. You don’t wait for a storm to hit to build a safe place, you prepare that safe place in advance, then you go there when danger approaches.

God desires to be your rock and fortress, don’t wait until your world is falling apart, get to know Him as your rock before you need Him to be.

Pastor Bob

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