Hello and welcome to World Hope Worship Center! Whether you are a first time guest or a longtime part of the World Hope Family we welcome you today as we gather to worship God, share His Word, pray for one another and fellowship together. My prayer is that each of us experience the presence of the Holy Spirit and God’s touch in our lives.

Today I am wrapping up our five part sermon series, “Jonah: Avoiding God.” In recent weeks we have discussed how we avoid God through disobedience, how God works to get our attention, how our obedience to God opens the door to God’s miraculous blessing, how we deal with prejudice and today I will be sharing how we respond when God doesn’t meet our expectations.

Expectations can be like hidden land mines in our relationships with one another and with God. It is one thing to be let down by those we love, but what do we do when we feel that God has let us down? How do we respond when we think that God hasn’t fulfilled His promises in our life?  Ironically the Bible is filled with stories of men and women who had to deal with their expectations as they related to God’s work in their lives. One of those that immediately comes to mind is the story of David. God had the Prophet Samuel anoint young David to be the next king of Israel, after Saul. Things went well for David for a while, he fought and killed Goliath, he became a national hero in Israel as everyone celebrated the victory, then things went south in a hurry as King Saul became jealous and tried to kill David. He would spend the next several years on the run from the angry king. I wonder how many nights David wrestled with God and his expectations?  

There are times when, like David and Jonah, we have to wrestle with our expectations and God’s work in our lives. I hope to share a few lessons that we can apply to our lives to help us overcome our disappointments when God doesn’t do things the way we expected Him to.

Many blessings!

Pastor Bob


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