Hello and welcome to World Hope, I am glad that you made the decision to worship with us today. I pray that you will experience the love and grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ today as we worship, share God’s Word and fellowship together.

This week as a church family, we walked through the loss of one our church elders and a dear friend, Jack Akers, as he went to be with the Lord. Times such as these remind me of the importance of our faithfulness. We may have many definitions of faithfulness, and we even have the tendency to tailor the definition to fit our standards. When I think of friends like Jack and many others who have completed the race the Lord put before them, faithfulness is essential to finishing our race. Our faithfulness is not just about us, but it is also about future generations. There are people who will benefit from your example of faithfulness; faithfulness to the Lord, to your spouse, family, church, work, etc.

There is an old song about faithfulness that I love and have likely shared about before, “May All Who Come Behind Us Find Us Faithful.” One line of the song says, “may the fire of our devotion light their way.” Is the fire of your devotion to the Lord sufficient to light the way for someone else to follow? If not seek the Lord’s help to stir up the fire that is within you so that your faithfulness may be seen by those who will follow you.

We will all miss Jack, but his sickness and suffering have ended and today he is strolling all over heaven, rejoicing and praising God, and his faithfulness and passion for the Lord lights our way.

Stay faithful!

Pastor Bob

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