Good morning and welcome to World Hope! It is a joy to have this opportunity to worship the Lord with you today!

The guys that went on this year’s fishing trip had a great week at Surf City, NC. The fishing was good, the fellowship was better and being a part of God’s beautiful creation was the best. Time away from the routine demands and expectations of life was refreshing. We are planning a church fish fry soon so that we can share the “fruit” of our adventure with everyone.

It was interesting being on a pier with a few hundred people as they came and went throughout the week. On the pier it didn’t matter what race, gender, age or fishing experience, everyone was out there with one goal in mind, catching a fish.
One young man that I fished next to all day on Monday, told me that he had never ocean fished before and he was watching me and learning from what he saw me do. His name is Jeremy and I warned him that he was not following the best example. However, he did catch a lot of fish, more than me! I guess maybe I know a little more than I realized.

It was a reminder that regardless of what we are doing in life, someone is watching and will imitate the example you are setting. The question for you and I to consider is, are we living a life that others should imitate?

By the way, Jeremy and his friends drove two and a half hours to the beach Sunday evening, fished all night Sunday, in the rain, all day Monday then drove back home. He was a great “fishing buddy.”

Be imitators if God…Ephesians 5:1,
Pastor Bob

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