Good morning and welcome to World Hope Worship Center! It is a privilege and honor to  worship the Lord with you today. I pray that as we worship, pray, fellowship and share God’s Word together that our lives will be touched by the Holy Spirit and that each of us receive exactly what we need from the Lord. 

This week I heard an intriguing statement about how the church around the world is growing the most in the places of the harshest persecution. It has recently been reported that the church in Iran, an Islamic nation, is perhaps the fastest growing church in the world. It is not only illegal in Iran to attend a Christian church, being a Christian is cause for punishment, even death. The church in Iran has no buildings, very little structure and is lead mostly by women who realize if they are discovered they will pay a very steep price for their faith. Yet the church continues to thrive in a very hostile environment.

While here in America, and much of the Western World, we not only have the choice of which church to attend and at what time we attend, we also get to decide whether we attend or not. Here in America we face no threat of persecution for our faith and yet reportedly church attendance declines each year and by most statistics is at or near an all time low. I am not advocating for persecution, but perhaps we need to evaluate our priorities and place greater importance on our worship of God and fellowship with God’s Family before we do experience persecution. 

Thank you for being a faithful part of the World Hope Family and more importantly a part of the incredible Family of God! You are valued, loved and appreciated!


Pastor Bob 


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