Good morning and welcome to World Hope Worship Center. My prayer is that you will be blessed and ministered to as we worship, fellowship, pray for one another and share God’s Word together today.

This weekend we received the “luxury” of an “extra” hour of sleep, that is, if you went to bed at a reasonable time last night. The time change is something that draws the criticism of many of us as the clock is tuned back an hour in the fall, returning us to Standard Time. Or in the spring, when we turn clocks forward an hour starting “Daylight Savings Time.” The interesting thing is that we don’t save time or lose time, we simply change the clock, there is no more daylight nor any less daylight. The sun still rises and sets as it always does, on the schedule that our Creator, God, designed for it. But our bodies and minds feel the change.

We often rebel against change in our lives, even the ones that may produce a positive outcome for us. Most of us will be complaining for the next week or two as we adjust to a “revised schedule.” But we will go on, and soon adjust to the change that we cannot control.

Some change is mandated, others are voluntary, some are beneficial while others may not be, but change is an inevitable part of life. What changes do you need to make or accept. More importantly, what are the changes in your life that God is asking you to make? Take a little time today or this week and think about it and ask God about those changes and ask Him for the grace to make the change!

Adjusting to change,
Pastor Bob

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