Good morning and welcome to World Hope Worship Center! It is a great day to worship the Lord Jesus Christ with you.

As we move full steam into the Christmas season I want us to remember exactly what it is that we are celebrating. I know some Christians who choose not to celebrate Christmas because of the commercialization of the season and because of what are considered by some to be pagan practices. As I contemplated my Christmas celebration I thought of some reasons that I celebrate Christmas and wanted to share a few of those with you.

The first reason I celebrate Christmas is because God chose to leave the glory and splendor of heaven, to be born as a human being, (He became flesh) to live as a human among other human beings. Christmas for me is all about my Savior coming to offer the precious gift of salvation.

The second reason I celebrate Christmas is because it is probably the most recognized and celebrated holiday of the year. Almost everybody celebrates Christmas in some way. People all over the world sing Christmas carols and tell the Christmas story as recorded in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. How often do you hear the truths of God’s Word shared in the carols playing from every store and restaurant sound system and almost any radio station? Usually only in December as we celebrate Christmas.

Another reason I celebrate is for the Christmas lights. December is the darkest month of the year, the time when the daylight hours are the shortest and the nighttime hours at their longest. In the midst of that darkness we see Christmas lights all over the place. It reminds me of how Jesus came as the Light of the World at a very dark time in man’s history.

I also celebrate Christmas because it is the time that people who don’t know Jesus as their Savior are more open to the good news of the saving grace of Jesus that is available to them.

So whether it is through a children’s Christmas program, a cantata, a Christmas Eve service, sharing a card or a gift, we can have an impact and share the hope of Jesus during our celebration of Christmas.

Pastor Bob

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