Good morning and welcome to World Hope Worship Center! I am thankful for the opportunity for us to worship the Lord together today. I pray that you receive a special touch from the Lord as we worship, pray for one another and fellowship together. 

We are over halfway through our 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting. I trust that you have been experiencing the spiritual as well as physical blessings and benefits of fasting. I read a quote from Lisa Bever recently about fasting; she said, “Dieting affects the way you look, fasting affects the way you see.” 

As I have thought about that quote during my fast, I have found myself  focusing more on the spiritual blessings of fasting. Isaiah 58 is a great  passage of scripture regarding fasting that is pleasing to God. Here are some of the  spiritual blessings of fasting: bonds of wickedness are broken, heavy burdens are undone, the oppressed are released, we become more generous, we become more aware of those in need around us, healing, increased impact in the world we live in, the Lord covers our back, when we call upon the Lord He will hear and respond, and  others.  

As we continue our fast, may God truly change the way we see as we seek Him. If you are on a  diet, I challenge you to stop the focus on how you look and take the time to fast and allow the Holy Spirit to change how you see. God has some special blessings in store for you as you fast, pray and seek Him. 


Pastor Bob

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